Tips For Being A Successful Leader In 2022

Kevin Mauermann
3 min readApr 27, 2022

The past two years have been intense for organizations and their leaders located all around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic signaled the start of what many of begun calling the “Great Resignation”. People all around the world have decided to quit their jobs, citing poor leadership and lack of flexibility in their dissatisfaction with their careers. If leaders want to put their organizations back on track and do better with job retention, they may need to rethink their leadership strategies . Read on for tips that are essential to being a good leader in 2022.

Utilize Emotional Intelligence

Leaders who are able to develop empathy are more likely to build strong relationships with their team and foster a culture of transparency. Emotional intelligence is also beneficial for leaders because it allows them to identify areas of their development in which they can improve. Developing emotional intelligence allows leaders to recognize their impact on others and to lead with integrity and humility. It also allows them to connect with their team and inspire others.

Think About Employee Wellness

The “great resignation” of talent has created a frenzy for leaders all over. One of the key factors that has caused this is the shift in how people are looking at their organizations. Instead of focusing on perks and benefits, they are now more interested in the culture and the way the organization is run.

According to a study conducted by the Gallup organization, organizations that have a well-designed work-life balance are more likely to retain their talent. They can also implement various strategies to improve their organizational culture, such as providing paid days off here or there in order to just let their team rest and recharge. This means that today’s leaders can’t be focusing on the organization’s success only — they have to think about how they can support their employees so they don’t burn out and are ultimately happier at work. In the long run, a happier employee means they’re more likely to do quality work, meaning the company will benefit in the end anyway.

Develop The Leaders of Tomorrow

One of the most important factors that leaders can consider when it comes to developing their talent is the establishment of an environment that is conducive to their development. This can be done through various initiatives such as group sessions, coaching, and leading projects. For middle managers, connecting them with a senior leader for mentorship can help them develop their leadership skills. This type of interaction can provide them with opportunities to practice what they’ve learned.

By supporting the development of your team, you can help them be better prepared to take on leadership roles within the organization and beyond, and you may even find yourself learning new things about leadership in the process.

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